4 Features Your New Storefront Sign Should Have For Optimal Marketing Results

If you're thinking about having a new storefront sign made for your business, there are a few features to consider incorporating that will help optimize your marketing results as time goes on. Here are four important options that shouldn't be forgotten:

A Custom Logo

Including a custom logo on your storefront sign is an effective way to establish an authoritative presence within your community while attracting new customers who wouldn't have known you were there if it weren't for the signage. Your logo also helps build brand identity so that people will be able to recognize your products, advertisements, letterheads and promotional materials at a glance.
Your logo should be located front and center on the sign so it's easy to recognize and can be used as a landmark when people are looking for your place of business for the first time. The logo will also help capture the attention of current and previous customers as they pass by, reminding them to come back to visit your store again soon.

A Catchy Slogan

Like a good logo, a catchy slogan can help build brand recognition for your store and ensure that customers don't forget about you, even when they're at home watching television. A slogan that is easy to remember and catchy enough to repeat can go a long way in letting customers know what they can expect when they shop at your store.
For example, a slogan such as "Never a Long Line, Which Saves You Time" lets customers know that they can expect a quick checkout process. A slogan like "You Don't Need Sales With Deals Like These" tells customers that they can expect fair prices when shopping at your store. And a slogan that is easily repeatable is bound to get you free word-of-mouth advertising as customers pass it around in their conversations with friends.

Encouraging Colors

A colorful storefront sign will attract passersby more effectively than a black-and-white one, and depending on the colors you choose to feature, they may have an effect that encourages people to stop in and shop instead of continuing on to their next destination.
Because colors have a psychological effect on people, they can be used to impact decision making and sway people to become both first-time and return customers. For instance, by featuring red on your storefront sign, you'll create a sense of urgency and excitement. Utilizing yellow in your signage can trigger the impulse to buy and draw window shoppers indoors.

Channel Lettering

Featuring channel lettering on your storefront sign is a surefire way to make sure it stands out from the local competition. Channel lettering is the most effective way to optimize visibility, especially in inclement weather and when it's dark outside. You can also incorporate specific coloring in your lighting design that will have a positive marketing impact on potential customers.
You can use channel lettering to highlight your custom logo design, provide contact information, or even create a border that illuminates the print lettering on the sign itself. Channel lettering typically utilizes LED lighting, which enhances energy efficiency and minimizes the impact you'll notice when the power bill comes each month.

An Invitation to Virtually Connect

To make it easy for customers to contact you or learn more about your store when they get home, offer them the opportunity to virtually connect with you by featuring a website or email address on your storefront sign.
If your virtual contact information is too long to memorize for later use, take advantage of URL shortening services that will make remembering it a cinch. These services will provide you with a custom link for your sign that's just a few letters long, and when customers type it into their browser, they'll be redirected to your official website.
Don't hesitate to contact us for more information about having a custom sign designed, installed and maintained long-term.