4 Things Wrong With Your Business Sign And How to Fix Them

Your business's sign is often the first thing potential customers see when they near your establishment. Your signage should be engaging, informative and create a call-to-action response in your customers. The right sign can make your business more memorable and encourage new clientele to come your way.
Here are four things that may be wrong with your current business sign and how you can fix them with the help of a sign making company.

Your Sign Lacks Color

Eighty percent of consumers recognize a business's trademark or logo due to its color. While you may not have a trademark of your own, the right hues can encourage call-to-action spontaneity in your customers if you incorporate those colors into your sign. Common hues that intrigue shoppers and may bring them through your doors include:
  • Red (excitement)
  • Yellow (optimism)
  • Orange ( joy)
Use any of these vibrant colors as the background to your business sign, using classic white (calming and trust) or stark black (confidence and sophistication) for any verbiage you wish to include in your sign.

Your Sign Isn't Interactive

Your business sign doesn't have to be digital to draw consumer attention, but it needs to do something. If your sign is a printed vinyl or wooden board displayed above your building, people may miss the sign simply because it has no descriptive factors.
Increase the interactive ability of your business sign by incorporating backlighting into it, placing a neon strip around its border or lighting up your slogan or logo with small light strips. The goal of an interactive sign is to draw peoples' eyes in your business's direction, and lighting is capable of achieving that easily. Your sign designer can incorporate lighting into your current sign to give it modern appeal.

Your Sign is Too Small

You want your business to be be easily seen by people across your parking lot and beyond. A common rule of thumb for creating a sign is that a letter can be seen up to 100 feet away for every 10 inches a sign's letter is.
Your sign is too small if it can't be viewed easily from a distance, especially if you have a lot of verbiage or details on the sign's board. Talk to your sign designer about making your sign larger so it can be viewed across busy streets. In some cases, this can be done simply by making fonts larger without enlarging your whole sign.

Your Sign is Too Busy

The more content your business sign has, the harder it can be to read. People passing by will quickly glimpse your sign. If they don't see the business name right away, your sign may be for naught.
Limit business in your sign by having your sign designer change the font to a basic, bold print style.
Eliminate verbiage that is dated and take out all graphic imagery except for logos or trademarks. The cleaner your sign appears, the more attention it may receive from potential customers.
Business signs are still used in marketing to create brand awareness and make an establishment more noticeable. When your sign is designed appropriately you gain a better chance of achieving customer attention. You only get a quick shot at grabbing a potential client's interest, so your sign should be as promotional as possible without appearing too loud.
Allow your sign designer to assist you in revamping your current signage into marketing material that is modern, eye-catching and effective. When you choose Hank's Signs to assist you in designing your new business signage, you choose a company with years of experience. Allow us to help your business grow today.