"Signs" You Need to Upgrade Your Store's Signage

As marketing tactics change in an ever-competitive world of commerce, your business has to up its game to stay relevant to your current and potential customers. Your business sign is the first thing people see as they walk or drive by your establishment, and if it doesn't catch their attention quickly, then you lose business.
Plain and simple, your sign needs to reflect what makes your business so great; in short, your sign needs to tell people that they must choose you over your competitors. Here are "signs" that your signage is out of date and needs a serious upgrade.

Your Sign Reads Like a Business Card

A business card is designed to pack enough information about you and your business to help potential and current customers reach you and seek your services. Your storefront sign, on the other hand, should be designed to simply say, "Here I am!"
If your store's sign has too much information on it, it loses its luster. It should not contain your business hours, website or phone number. It should simply contain your business name in a bold, easy-to-read print, your logo and a small slogan, if you have one.
A clean and simple storefront sign that is not overindulged with information will give you just the exposure you need. Talk to a sign specialist about creating a new, engaging sign that will promote your business successfully.

Your Sign Lacks Engaging Color

It's no secret that colors have a lot to do with marketing and that certain hues evoke emotions in people who see them. Use "color psychology" to your advantage, and draw customers in by telling them via hues that your business is where they need to be. Colors that stand out and create action in consumers include:
  • Red (passion)
  • Blue (trustworthiness)
  • Orange (confidence, risk-taking)
  • Black (power)
You will want to use your business's services or products, or even your slogan, to help you choose the right colors for your new store sign. For example, if you run a beauty supply store, silver (elegant and sophisticated) may fare better to your consumers than yellow (playful).

Your Font Is Hard to Read

Whether you operate a tanning salon or a pet store, if your customers cannot read your sign because the font is outdated or too jumbled, then you potentially lose business. This is true even if the rest of your sign is attractive in both a streamlined design and engaging colors.
The best fonts for your store's signs are easy to read, clear cut and can be seen from a distance. Consider Serif, Helvetica, Garamond or Futura fonts for your store's sign. Your sign designer can help you decide which areas should be bold, underlined or shaded to give your signage the best chance at being seen by passersby. In some cases a variety of easy fonts in varying sizes are used to capture the right appeal.

Your Sign Lacks Lighting 

Your sign should be selling your business even when you have closed for the evening. If your sign does not have a back light, neon border or other type of illumination, then it loses its luster as soon as the sun goes down. There are many types of lighting available for modern signs; talk to your sign designer about options that will work for you.
The right sign can help boost your business and give you the customer base you need. If your sign is outdated, it's time to give it a modern appeal. Our sign experts at Hank's Neon & Plastics Service Inc. are able to help you design the best signage for your establishment so your business stands out in positive ways.