The Right Signage Points Potential Patrons to Your Door

Is your sign helping or hindering your business? Your sign is an important aspect of marketing your company and should not be taken lightly. Make sure that your signage is pointing prospective patrons toward your business door and that you convey a clear message regarding your company and what you offer.
Some ways that the right sign impacts your small business include the following.

Makes a Good First Impression

Make that all-important favorable first impression on potential customers with a well-built, professional sign. Signage is the first thing that patrons notice about your business, office, or store front, so you, the business owner, have the opportunity to grab customers' attention and direct people in your front door.
You will have some choices to make when it comes to signage, starting with the type of signage you are looking for, such as:
  • Neon signs
  • Lighted plastic signage
  • Channel letters
  • Vehicle letters
  • Banners
Furthermore, work with a company that offers professional installation, maintenance, lighting, lettering and crane services to ensure your new sign looks great and lasts well. Your sign is part of your business's overall identity; buy signage from a full-service sign company that is dedicated to helping your company get noticed.

Helps Your Business Stay Relevant

Have you ever noticed a sign that looks dated or shoddy? Don't let this kind of sign be your calling card. Maintain and upgrade your company signs to stay relevant in the business community. When a business updates or enhances their signage, it gets noticed; the sign tells your customers that you are flexible and forwardlooking, staying current and fresh.

Gives Patrons an Idea of What You Do

Does your sign tell customers what you offer? Make sure that your sign says a lot about your business, your product and your services. Don't make visitors guess what you do. Provide enough information to plant the seed in prospective patrons' minds so that they will return to take advantage of what you offer.

Appeals to Your Clients and Customers

There are a few things that matter to potential customers when it comes to a business's sign. For example, the color, readability and size of the sign make an impact on the prospective audience. Your sign can even determine whether someone walks through your door or not. High-quality signage appeals to potential patrons and can make a difference in subsequent revenues.

Attracts New Business

Interestingly enough, in one study, 45% of first-time patrons indicated that it was the company's sign that got them in the door. A customer's decision could be related to the style, design or message that your sign conveys. Make sure that your sign will help drive customers toward your business instead of driving them away.

Adheres to Zoning Regulations

Make sure that your sign adheres to the zoning regulations in your community. You don't want to be the business that is known for violating local laws or to garner negative publicity over your sign. Work with vendors that appreciate the importance of adherence to zoning laws and that are not merely trying to upsell you on your company signage.

Suits Your Needs

One sign doesn't fit all businesses; this is why custom-crafted signage is so important. Work with a company that will provide personal support and custom fabrication to suit your needs, preferences and budget. This ensures the most satisfaction with your new sign after the sale.
Ready to update and upgrade your current sign? Don't delay; a sign is a key piece of any company's marketing plan. Work with the signage professionals at Hank's Neon & Plastics Service Inc. to find a sign that will tell your audience who you are and what you do in a clever, creative and captivating way.